Description of the painting by Natalia Nesterova “Maps”

Description of the painting by Natalia Nesterova “Maps”

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Visitors to the exhibitions of Soviet and contemporary artist Natalya Nesterova see her paintings meaningful, filled with symbolism. Natalya herself answers this that she is not trying to invest anything like this in her work, but simply loves to draw. And I must say, she does it wonderful. After all, then Nesterov would not have been the most popular and expensive Russian artist.

The works of the female painter are surreal, caricatured and unusually dynamic. A special element that is found in many of her paintings are maps. I would like to know the origins of the artist’s love for this gamble. And looking at the work of the "Card" in 1977, you begin to vaguely guess about the mood of the person who wrote it. The composition is built according to the rules of classical art.

In the center is a green card table. Behind him are male and female figures - they are depicted with some monumentality, sharpness, rudeness, without a bit of grace. Their faces are crimson, their hands are large, courageous.

The background is occupied by a bulky dark brown chest of drawers and trinkets built on it to decorate the interior: a shell, a figurine, vases with fresh flowers. Everything is ordinary, easy, smooth and measured: there is a process of playing cards between two women and three men.

A man in a black jacket is finishing handing out cards. The man on the right in the brown jacket is saddened by the cards he has come across - a close feeling for the person who at least once played the "fool". The viewer can see the suits in the hands of a couple sitting with their backs to us.

The atmosphere of the painting “Cards”, as with most of Nesterova’s works, is idleness, aimless pastime, and time for everyday rest. The canvas technique is distinguished by graphicness, compositional primitivism and color depth.

The surreal, light, vague canvases of Nesterova are unusual and therefore attractive for their unique identity.

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