Description of the painting by Rafael Santi “Madonna in the chair”

Description of the painting by Rafael Santi “Madonna in the chair”

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One of the legendary artists of Europe is considered to be Rafael Santi. His activity began when he was still very young. Even then, everyone admired his work, so it is not surprising that the young master was invited to work in Rome.

One of his great works is considered to be "Madonna in the Chair", which to this day is in the Palatine Gallery. Unlike the standard form, the picture has an oval shape, where Madonna is located. Her smile is immediately evident, you just have to look.

The image of a woman is significantly different from previous works of the artist, where he portrayed her. This gives a special originality to the canvas. On her head is a light striped cape, which gives even more motherhood. In it, Madonna seems to be a certain mistress who quit her job, only heard the cry of the child.

However, her clothes immediately refute this. The bright colors of Madonna's robes give her sophistication, making the woman extremely attractive. A scarlet jacket, on which a green scarf with various patterns is thrown.

For the artist, Franorina posed for the artist - his wife. She also posed for the "Sistine Madonna" and not only. Rafael used the appearance of his wife for the image of almost all women on his canvases. Is that in some outsiders posed for him. In one of his works, Raphael invited a peasant woman. He personified female beauty, motherhood, spirituality and all the good qualities that a woman can have.

And it made itself felt. Raphael was nicknamed the master in the image of the Madonnas, which means that, in this way, Franranin was also praised. All the madonna of Raphael, made before moving to Rome, are gentle, caring and sweet women. When the artist began to work on the images of women, while in Rome, they already had grandeur and authority.

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