Description of Ivan Bilibin's illustration “Guidon and the Queen”

Description of Ivan Bilibin's illustration “Guidon and the Queen”

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Ivan Bilibin subtly felt the distinctive character and vivid disposition of the people of ancient Russia and was able to convey it in his paintings. Looking at the illustrations of this remarkable artist from the first glance it is impossible to perceive the whole integral depth of his work. Only at the most detailed examination, the viewer gaze reveals new images and additional details.

Bilibin believed that his main creative task was the embodiment of the idea of ​​nationalism and the history of the people, dating back to the distant past. Therefore, the artist with interest took up the illustration of Pushkin's tale of the glorious Tsar Saltan.

In the image, the viewer sees the scene when the young prince Gvidon, together with his mother from the hill, contemplate the splendor of the city, which lies below. Golden domes of churches and bright roofs of other houses sparkle under the sun on a fine day. Protection for the beautiful city is a strong wall with high towers, enveloping it from all sides.

The illustration shows that the weather is calm and clear. Lush green grass covers the hills. Along the soft blue sky, white clouds are floating, bizarrely shaped.

The main characters of the picture, brought to the fore, are not lit by the sun - they are in the shade. The wondrous hill on which they sit is strewn with many bright wildflowers. The queen, the mother of Guidon, lies on the earth in all this flourishing magnificence. She wears a blue dress and shawl, painted with rich patterns. The young prince is half a turn. He fixed his wistful gaze on the white-stone city in the distance. Its dark caftan with an intricate red ornament belts a blue sash.

The artist Ivan Bilibin masterfully portrayed items of folk clothing of those times. His illustrations allow the viewer to feel the spirit of old Russian life and feel like part of it.

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