Description of the painting by Nikolai Nevrev “Bargaining. A scene from serfdom

Description of the painting by Nikolai Nevrev “Bargaining. A scene from serfdom

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The painting "Bargaining. A scene from serfdom ”brought NV Nevrev huge popularity. She was sold, and after a long time lay in the attic of her master.

It just went fashion to decorate the walls with everyday scenes, came fashion for portraits. So the canvas was spoiled and even burst on the face of the peasant woman. After the restoration, the painting became popular, and the artist gained the fame of a realist and a master of tragic everyday situations.

The painting depicts the process of selling serfs. Two arrogant wealthy gentlemen are selling live goods. The very sight of these men speaks of the inhumanity of their nature. For them, this is a normal process, one fat gentleman leaned back freely in the chair, and the other smokes a pipe.

It seems that the deal is passing, by the way, they do not betray the significance of this event. The peasants crowded at the door, they emanate anxiety and despair. Despair of people on whom nothing depends.

During serfdom, the life of serfs belonged to the owner. The artist very accurately reflected the horror of serfdom. The first owner of the picture also had serfs and, having acquired this picture, contemplated the everyday plot for himself every day. The artist made it possible to look from the side at all the consequences of serfdom.

Perhaps because of this, the picture was so popular. It is very symbolic that a painting of the Renaissance hangs on the wall, where the main philosophical meaning is the value of a person, his life, the offering of people to the level of a deity. At the same time, a humiliating bargaining of human fate takes place in the room.

The artist with his work drew attention to the problem of serfdom. He expressed general indignation at the social order. The picture shows how the society of that time looks from the side.

The images of rich gentlemen are conveyed very realistically. Perhaps the author copied them from real people. Unfortunately, a certain role was assigned to the artist after this work, which he could not change until the end of his life.

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