Description of the sculpture of Giambolony "The Abduction of the Sabine Women"

Description of the sculpture of Giambolony

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Of great historical significance are the statues of Dzhambolony "Abduction of the Sabine women", executed in 1583. They depict the very moment of the abduction of future wives by the Romans.

According to history, this episode had its place in 750 BC. At that time, Rome was inhabited only by men, then the cunning ruler organized a major holiday where he convened neighboring tribes. They came in full force, the whole family, including wives and children. Suddenly, they rushed to the invitees, who were unarmed, and kidnapped the women.

The indignation of neighboring tribes knew no bounds, and they attacked Rome. The hostilities with the Sabines were especially difficult and lengthy, during which they lost a lot of girls.

With the help of the Sabine women, the Sabines entered the city, where they defeated the Romans. During the decisive course of events of the battle, women, accustomed to their husbands, who had children from them, rushed between the warring with pleas for an end to the battle. These brave women were able to stop the bloodshed, two people stopped the battle and united in a single state. We can say that Rome was saved by these defenseless women.

Giambolonia in his work showed an episode of arrogant abduction. Roman men are depicted with beautiful athletic bodies. The sculpture is made of a whole piece of marble, this was the first many figured sculpture, which can be viewed from all four sides. This sculpture stands on a marble pedestal with reliefs created from bronze.

The sculptor depicted three figures: a Roman man carrying a Sabine woman in his arms and a Sabine man trying to protect his woman. A woman looks back at her husband, who exhaustedly shows a hand in protest, thereby acknowledging his impotence. The artist shows in his sculpture the eternal feeling of love and the struggle for it.

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