Description of the painting by Julius Clover “In the Field”

Description of the painting by Julius Clover “In the Field”

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Clover differed from other artists in his love and devotion to freedom. He was never able to finish school, classes seemed to him boring and unnecessary. Despite this, the artist gained fame, success and financial independence. The painting “In the Field” reflects the life of rural people and the beauty of nature. Clover's landscapes worked out very well.

Realistically depicted a field of wheat, and I want to go over it. The sun's rays merge with the golden surface of the ears of bread. The artist amazingly conveyed the play of light and shadow, the day is clear and sunny, fragments of clouds are floating across the sky. It can be seen that the weather is very hot, but the work will not wait and people will cut off the ripe ears.

The infinity of the field shows the vastness of Russian land and its greatness. In the distance you can see the pine forest, centuries-old pines have strayed and, like a guard, protect the fields rich in bread. Stacks are seen, near which people are hiding from the sun. They sat down to rest or maybe have lunch. The artist in the clothes of the workers conveys the identity of the Russian people. A man and a woman working next to each other are very symbolic. They work on an equal footing, hard work and the sun is still high, but the main thing is to collect bread on time.

The hard village life in the summer, you can not hesitate or postpone work for another time. The picture shows the industriousness of people and the wealth of the earth. Clover lived abroad for some time, but returned to Russia at a difficult time for her. He loved these Russian open spaces, looked at the wheat fields and admired the simple human labor, which determined the high price of the cut grain of wheat.

Although the artist lived in abundance, he often addressed the topic of the meaning of an ordinary person in the world around him. What could be more important and more expensive than bread, but this bread is hard to get for ordinary people. The painting encourages the appreciation of human labor.

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