Description of the painting by Rafael Santi “Madonna in the green”

Description of the painting by Rafael Santi “Madonna in the green”

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In the defining years of creative development, Rafael Santi is located in the city of Florence. Since 1504, the artist absorbs the skills of Michelangelo who created here and his talented colleague Leonardo da Vinci. Prior to this, young Raphael mastered the traditions of only the beginning of the Renaissance. Now he has borrowed a lot from the stylistics of masters, whose talent was in its prime. In addition, the painter practiced a lot in drawing, studied the proportions and plasticity of the body, mastered the contrasts of light and shadow.

The Madonna in the Green is the result of this painstaking and enthusiastic study. The painting was created in 1506. It depicts the Virgin against the backdrop of the landscape, sitting in a meadow. At her feet are two babies: Jesus is next to John the Baptist. Apocryphal evidence suggests that the Baptist recognized Christ as the Messiah when they were still children. The religious plot has become an excellent means to depict the nascent history of the great spiritual path.

"Madonna in the green" is lyrical, musical, moderately colorful. Young Maria, with a slight blush on her porcelain face, lowers a tender glance at the babies; love and serenity is read in her guise. Boy John in a half-squat hands out a wooden cross to the standing Jesus. The magnificent forms of the three figures express well-being.

The landscape background is drawn in detail. On it along the width of the canvas stretches the water surface, towering mountains and the city. The nearest plan is filled with strokes of olive and deep green. The composition has a pyramidal design.

Raphael wrote several Madonnas from the age of 15. One of the best is Madonna in the Green. The canvas of Taddeo Taddei was intended - a friend and patron of the artist, later fell into the collection of the Belvedere Palace, and now is in the historical Vienna Museum.

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