Description of the painting by Francisco de Goya "Umbrella"

Description of the painting by Francisco de Goya

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The Spanish artist - Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, or better known to us - Francisco Goya, who wrote engravings, was one of the most outstanding artists of the 18th century.

His painting "Umbrella" was painted in 1777, then Francis was only 33 years old. This painting is recognized as the best creation of the early Goya. She was liked by the artist himself. He managed to portray the warmth that he wanted to show in his picture.

In the eighteenth century, the decoration of houses and halls with tapestries became fashionable. Once Francis Goya made an order to create such paintings. So, Goya created his “Umbrella”. But the umbrella itself is not the main detail of this picture. A pale green umbrella here is most likely just a little highlight. And the main characters are man and woman. She sits in a clearing on a bright, sunny day. And the guy covers her with an umbrella on the left side.

Goya managed to convey the tenderness of the composition using the right colors. The artist used warm shades of red, orange, and peach. He dilutes them with a lady's blue corset and a man’s blue belt. There is a lot of green in the picture. This is an umbrella, a greenish sky, and trees on its side.

I wonder who these two are? Maybe Goya portrayed a servant and mistress. And maybe this is a couple in love. A girl sits near a stone wall, in the hands of her fan. A dark dog with a red collar sits on her lap. She is dressed in dresses with a gold skirt, and a long cape flaunts on her shoulders.

On the chest is a beautiful brooch flower. On her head are red jewelry, in her ears are pearl earrings. A light shadow from an umbrella falls on her face. A young man is standing behind her. He is wearing a red suit with gold buttons, and on his head is a blue sun bandage.

To date, the painting is in Madrid, in the Prado Museum.

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