Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Portrait of Kustodiev"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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B.M.Kustodiev created a new style of portraiture. His works resemble paintings with a full plot. The eye catches not only the image of a person, but also the setting.

The artist was very fond of painting his family. Such a family work is the portrait of his wife Kustodieva. The artist portrayed his family members in different life situations. Thus, he demonstrated a love for family and friends.

The picture shows the wife of B.M. Kustodiev in a relaxed home environment. She sits in the garden, you can see part of the house and the fence. Around lush vegetation, which indicates a warm summer day. In the foreground is a dog. The artist's family loved animals, the author often depicted them on his canvases.

It can be seen that the dog is attached to the mistress, she looks at her and wants to be stroked. A woman is sitting relaxed. It seems that the wife is relaxing in the garden on a warm summer day. She is sitting on a wooden bench at the table. The woman’s eyes are so deep, her eyes exude good, and her lips are blurred in a faint, barely perceptible smile. The picture is cozy.

The artist very realistically conveyed the image of his wife. Her infinite kindness and reliability. The picture reflects the purity of female nature, harmony and love. The couple lived happily and one cannot but notice the woman's satisfaction with her family life.

With his paintings, the artist recorded changes that occur in family life. He very accurately conveyed the changing appearance of his wife over the years. She was always a faithful companion for him.

The last years of his life B.M.Kustodiev was in an immobilized state, his wife was his whole world. She served as a business agent and continued to successfully housekeeping. The master conveyed his warm attitude to his wife through canvases.

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