Description of the painting by Julia Clover “Winter” (Winter landscape)

Description of the painting by Julia Clover “Winter” (Winter landscape)

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Clover Julius is a famous Russian landscape painter of German origin. Despite the fact that the artist did not graduate from the academy, he gained popularity, fame and financial independence. Most of the artist’s work is dedicated to Russian nature. The painting “Winter” reflects the whole essence of the changing weather in Russia.

The artist often depicted village life. He really loved the Russian land, after many years of emigration, in a difficult time for the country, Clover returned to Russia. The painting depicts a village in winter. Several houses in the snow can be seen in the background. Smoke flows from the pipes, people are at home. A bright sunset glow illuminates the sky.

In the foreground is a large tree, it is without leaves and stands alone on the sidelines. Looking at him, he becomes chilly and lonely. Perhaps the artist, thus, showed his loneliness, which so often accompanies winter evenings. Such an evening is depicted in the picture. In winter, the village is quiet, there are no people on the street.

Frozen puddles speak of a thaw that happens during the day. The sun warms up, but it does not get warmer, it is also necessary to heat the stove and bask in the fire. The roads became impassable, and the day is shorter. Nature is sleeping, and man is an integral part of it. People spend more and more time at the hearth. The artist very realistically conveyed the mood of winter.

Despite the white snow, the picture is full of colors. It is impossible to take your eyes off the glow over the horizon. One wants to walk along this road and enter a warm house. The picture is done in small strokes, which makes the image realistic, the lines are clear. Even the background images are clear.

From the work it blows home. It is winter and cold outside, but the contrast of lonely freezing trees with a warm house is obvious. Clover displayed the way home, returning to your homeland where you are remembered by the present and waiting. Impassable roads will not be able to obstruct the path to the house, where the fire burns and is cozy.

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