Description of Alfons Mucha's painting “Winter”

Description of Alfons Mucha's painting “Winter”

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The Czech artist Alphonse Mucha not only painted, but also designed theatrical posters, advertising canvases. His paintings served as an example for fashion designers to create costumes for the rich. He was considered the best modernist of his time.

All the canvases of this artist are connected by one individuality - this is the lady's head, which is surrounded by luxury, brightness, diversity. His paintings are striking in their unusual, colorful, non-standard thinking. They breathe theatrical performances, a game well-executed poster.

One of the famous series of the famous artist is the seasons. Winter. Alphonse Mucha presents winter in the image of a charming woman of Slavic nature. She has light, refined features that are striking in their unusualness. It seems that this woman, wrapped in a light-colored veil, looks at Coca - no matter the light, driven by the only thought of heat.

The background of the picture is made in warm colors, but despite this, the presence of cold, lack of heat is felt. A woman tries to hide from the cold in a blanket, but it does not bring her the expected warmth. One leg of the beauty is ajar. It is seen that she steps barefoot into the snow lying at her foot.

The artist portrayed a woman sitting on the arm of a tree, which seemed to wrap her from frost and wind. She pressed her hands, holding the leaves, presented to her by a tree, to her mouth, thereby trying to warm herself. The tree looks like a hand that gives its guest warmth, comfort and support. On the branches of a tree lies airy snow.

It seems that only this tree sympathizes with a stranger who needs warmth, goodness, comfort, love. It seems that the picture was done in warm colors, but it blows cold, and I want to hide in a warm blanket and hide in a cozy house with a cup of hot tea. Alphonse Mucha thereby wanted to show that with the outward warmth of a relationship, they are often deceiving.

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