Description of Vasily Baksheev’s painting “Blue Spring”

Description of Vasily Baksheev’s painting “Blue Spring”

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It’s incredibly difficult to paint landscapes, because the artist will not be able to convey a complex philosophical meaning, he will not be able to make the audience laugh with faces and plot.

In the landscape the artist has only the natural beauty of nature, and you need to be able to use it. Vasily Nikolayevich Baksheev managed to convey personal emotions through nature in his painting “Blue Spring”.

The first thought that may arise in the head is "why is spring blue." But as soon as the picture appears before the eyes, it immediately becomes clear. All attention is taken by the clear azure sky.

In Baksheev’s picture, the sky occupies a little more than half of the picture. It is covered by rare branches of birches, but it is still the main thing in this picture. The artist managed to choose the right color for this sky. It is not light blue, not blue, it is crystal, pure and truly blue. Therefore, the picture got its name "Blue Spring"

Vasily Baksheev managed to portray the early spring. Trees still stand without leaves. Flowers are just beginning to flourish. Although the sun is not visible in the picture, but it is felt in everything. Trees stand all over the world, the sky shimmers.

The artist showed us not a thick forest, but a birch grove. Where there are thin birches, as if only awakened from a dream. If you mentally go to this grove, you can hear the whistle of the nightingale, feel the freshness of the breeze and the aroma of spring.

It is difficult for landscapes to break through and be remembered by the audience. After all, sometimes it seems that there is nothing special in them, we can observe such paintings every day, we don’t need to go to museums to look at another artist’s painted landscape. But the “Blue Spring” cuts into memory, the viewer will certainly remember this blue sky and this mood, which Vasily Nikolayevich Baksheev conveyed to us.

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