Description of the painting by Sergei Ivanov “Knitting”

Description of the painting by Sergei Ivanov “Knitting”

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Ivanov portrays a girl who is completely absorbed in work. She knits enthusiastically. The viewer sees a young woman who is really beautiful. Her features are correct.

A pretty face is framed by blond, slightly curly hair. The girl's head is slightly bowed, her eyes are downcast. In her hands is some kind of thing that she knits concentrated. The girl has a casual blouse and a long brown skirt, traditional for ordinary women of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We can see one leg that is slightly extended from under the hem.

A girl is sitting in the corner of a simply furnished room. She works behind an elegant desk with carved legs. Nearby you can see a small bench, which is used to prevent the craftswoman from getting tired. Right behind the girl on the right is the window. Daylight enters the room through it. The walls and floor are quite unattractive.

The artist deliberately emphasizes faded paint and peeling stucco. On the wall we see a picture in brown tones. It depicts a man reading a book. The composition of this picture repeats the composition of the canvas as a whole. The figure is practically depicted in the same position, but only in a mirror.

We feel that the artist is lovingly watching the work of this simple girl. She is the main character of the picture. Orlovsky admires the beauty of this woman. He is attracted by the beauty and special charm of the heroine.

Moreover, its origin is completely unimportant. A simple girl engaged in knitting is much more beautiful than secular ladies. The artist understands this and masterfully conveys his attitude to the heroine to all viewers.

Impressive special skill Orlovsky. His picture is dominated by warm colors, with the help of which a truly joyful mood is created. The girl’s jacket, as well as the thing that carelessly lies on the left floor, become bright spots.

The artist’s creation is realistic and incredibly magical in its simplicity.

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