Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “The First Tailcoat”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “The First Tailcoat”

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Soviet artist Vladimir Egorovich Makovsky has always been passionately loved by the Russian people. With the help of his paintings, today's viewer can easily transfer to the atmosphere of past centuries.

One of the author’s best creations is the painting “The First Tailcoat,” the work on which was completed in 1892. Every detail on it, from the decor of the room to the clothes of the characters, is made with precision and diligence.

On the canvas, the viewer sees a rich, at that time, and comfortable room. Five people from one family gathered in it. The main character of the picture is still a young man. He put on a new tailcoat, black with a white shirt, and was clearly unsure of his appearance, so he was impatient to find out the opinions of others. He looks stately and beautiful, but his movements are constrained and he stooped slightly, perhaps due to the fact that he was not used to such clothes.

All women gathered in the room, with interest and admiration, examine the guy. The oldest of them determines the quality of the costume. Judging by her appearance and practicality, then, most likely, this is the grandmother of a young man.

On the other hand is a girl. She smiles broadly, hands clasped in her face. She clearly likes her relative in such a respectable and luxurious dress coat. Even a young maid came to look at her young master. She is delighted, but she tries to hide her emotions by closing her hands with her lips.

The look of a young man is fixed on one woman - his mother. A question is read in his eyes and the expectation of hearing approving words from the most important person. But the woman is in no hurry to extol her son. She bowed her head thoughtfully and twisted her fingers together.

Bright colors and soft bed tones make the picture lively and natural. Looking at her, the viewer creates the feeling that he himself is in this sunny day, significant for the hero of the canvas.

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