Description of the painting by Nikolai Samokish “Street”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Samokish “Street”

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The artist Nikolay Samokish has repeatedly won the best awards in his professional career.

The Imperial Academy of Arts did not immediately accept him into the ranks of students, but after fruitful work on the technique of performance, he still got there and began to achieve significant success. For his work, soon, he began to receive honorary prizes and gold medals.

One of his successful creations was the painting "Street", written in 1884. Now she is in the Nikolaev Art Museum. Horses are not present on this canvas by chance.

The painter considered these animals beautiful and delightful creatures. Horses are depicted in many of his paintings. For this Samokish received more than one award, but critics scolded him for repeating it.

The painting “Street” depicts a wide road, on both sides, surrounded by long white brick houses. Massive doors and large windows were an attribute of 19th century Russian architecture.

Judging by the fact that on one of the houses there is a black plate with an engraved inscription and the windows can be seen illuminated, in the daytime, the rooms can be understood - this is a public institution.

Opposite him are two wheeled carriages. The first is more luxurious and indoor driven by two dark-colored horses. The second carriage is not equipped with a roof, so it can be seen that there are two people in officer uniform and their coachman. He controls a white horse.

The road crossing the picture stores the remains of ice at the side of the road. This means that the artist depicted the cold season, perhaps late autumn or early spring. Narrow sidewalks are covered with stone slabs. On their sides are beautiful lanterns decorated with decorative elements.

The painting "Street" is painted in a realistic style. To depict the city road and the buildings surrounding it, the artist chose a contrasting color palette of light and dark shades.

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