Description of the painting by Alexey Shilov "Self-portrait"

Description of the painting by Alexey Shilov

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A.M.Shilov is a continuer of painting in the style of Russian realism. During his life he painted many landscapes and still lifes, but he considered himself a painter as a portraitist. His portraits reflect the real image, everything matters on the canvas.

The artist does not have an accident, and turning his head, folded arms, surroundings - everything is done with hidden meaning. The work "Self-portrait" is of particular importance in the creative path of the painter. He did not just portray himself, he reflected his character, passion and life principles. The artist sits relaxed, leaning back. In hands holds brushes and a palette.

It seems that the painter was only torn from work, he turned his head for a moment. His lips froze in a slight smile, and his eyes express kindness. Curly hair to the shoulders favorably complements the image of the artist, it seems that such a hairstyle is characteristic of the representatives of painting.

The thrown robe makes the home decor, perhaps it was in the studio that the painter felt at home and rarely parted with his colors. But the chair is not at all an attribute of the hearth. This work of art is a unique handmade museum piece.

A. Shilov also had an artistic taste in furniture. Surround the master portraits, examples of his work. This once again speaks of the artist more as a portrait painter, he attributed himself to the category of portrait master. Confident pose of the master, he put his hand on the armrest, feels relaxed.

The portrait exudes harmony and peace. It is safe to say that the painter was doing what he loved. "Self-portrait" is a kind of message to the descendants of the great representative of the Russian art school. This work is about the fact that in life the main thing is harmony and a favorite thing. The painting reveals to us the face and character of the artist, his life.

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