Description of the painting by Semyon Chuykov “Work”

Description of the painting by Semyon Chuykov “Work”

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Chuikov depicted Kyrgyz pastures and villages. The heroes of his paintings were simple shepherds, children and impressive slim women with dark skin. The painter depicted native places.

In each of his creations, Chuikov sought to maximize the specific nature of Kyrgyzstan. He was interested in the special originality of life.

The artist paid maximum attention to the ordinary life of ordinary people. But at the same time, he did not become an ordinary chronicler. His interest is not shown in small details of everyday nature. Chuikova is worried about the atmosphere of a poetic nature, arising from the constant contact of man and nature. These manifestations are noticeable in the behavior, structure and specific character of each person.

His heroes amaze with proud posture and incredible smooth movements. They are natural for the majestic nature, on the background of which their artist usually depicts.

There is no action on the artist’s canvases. His heroes usually just contemplate the world around them. The painter likes early morning or late evening.

In this picture we see a hunter. He managed to shoot the game, which he holds in his hands. Chuykov portrays him in a simple shirt and linen trousers. Bare feet indicate that the person is poor. He has to work even in the scorching sun.

On his tanned face you can read a certain hopelessness. He has to earn a living in order to somehow make ends meet. In this hunter, Chuikov manages to convey some features characteristic of modern Kyrgyz life.

The prevailing tone of the picture is yellowish green. He fills the whole canvas with light. Color has always been a special means of expression for the artist. With it, he conveys a special space, builds a specific form and creates a special atmosphere in an emotional sense.

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