Description of Tatyana Yablonskaya's painting “Flax”

Description of Tatyana Yablonskaya's painting “Flax”

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T.N. Yablonskaya is a bright representative of household painting. The difficult fate of the artist was reflected in her works. Her paintings are often devoted to ordinary working professions, so undeservedly underestimated by others.

The work "Flax" extols the heavy female labor. The canvas depicts a woman who collects flax. Her massive figure speaks of rural health and strength. The legs are unusually large, so the artist attached importance to the figure. She is dressed in a long linen shirt with an apron, a scarf is tied to her head.

A woman with effort binds an armful of ripened stems. For the main character stretches an endless field of beveled flax. It can be seen that the woman worked a lot, because the connected sheaves are standing in rows on the field.

In the distance are visible figures of working people. The painter accurately conveyed the burden of labor and the value of the harvest. A clear sunny day contributes to the collection of flax, but in hot weather it is very difficult to work. If you look closely, you can see the field of ripened wheat, which mows the combine.

The painter very realistic depicted the life of peasants in the midst of harvesting. The feeling of spaciousness, boundless and endless field is precisely conveyed. One wants to go over it, inhale the aroma of freshly cut grass and feel the spirit of freedom. The picture is made in one tonal range, it is sunny and even luminous.

The infinity of the golden field flows into the golden reflections of the heavenly surface. Against the background of this beautiful landscape, a woman is depicted in the process of hard physical labor. The artist in such a contrast shows a difficult female fate, harvesting.

It was the reflection of hard physical labor on his canvases that brought the master popularity and numerous awards. The heroes of her paintings are representatives of the working and peasant class.

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