Description of the painting by Fedor Tolstoy “Flowers, fruits, bird”

Description of the painting by Fedor Tolstoy “Flowers, fruits, bird”

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The artwork of Fyodor Tolstoy, recognized in many fields of art, captivates the audience with its illusory perfection, colorful fairy tale and warm light. One of his most famous paintings is Flowers, Fruits, Bird.

The genre of the canvas is still life. Various, even seemingly incompatible at first glance, objects of the plant and living world came into view. The largest and central object - the product of the artificial world - a glass vase of laconic design.

In a simple transparent flask with water, just torn wild flowers are delivered. They are colorful and beautiful. Variegated red stripes on white petals, pinkish corollas and a blossoming bright orange flower are held on fragile green stems. Fresh greens reminds of spring and invariably pleases.

A few ripe apples make the composition richer. The fruits are reddened by ripeness and thereby stimulate appetite. One fruit is cut in half.

The artist carefully painted the grains and light flesh of an apple. On a greenish apple, smelling a pleasant fruity aroma, a fly perched on it. Nearby, Tolstoy depicted a couple of water droplets - they glow and resemble crystal clear drops of morning dew.

The whole composition of the still life is on a table of light wood. The background is the same wooden beige surface. One of the clusters of painted currant falls off the table a little. Grapes are located on the other side of the table. Its pristine freshness is noticeable - leaves without a single hint of withering.

A wonderful little bird crouched on a grape branch. Her bluish plumage is in perfect harmony with brownish. He drew a collected bouquet of fruits and flowers and lovely butterflies. They soar side by side in a joyful waltz.

F.P. Tolstoy created something surprising, kaleidoscopic from the chaotic diversity of the living world. Still life teaches us to admire this wealth of nature.

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