Description of Paul Gauguin's painting Self-Portrait

Description of Paul Gauguin's painting Self-Portrait

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Gauguin created many self-portraits. Each of them embodied the mastery of the impressionist. He began to paint a picture in Tahiti, and finished only when he returned to Paris.

True connoisseurs of the artist’s creativity immediately notice the unusual background against which Gauguin decided to capture himself. On the right in the background is another picture of the artist. Gauguin really liked to quote his creations.

The painter gives a special angle to his own face. His chin was raised, his gaze was fixed somewhere to the side. We see Gauguin half a turn. The colors are striking in purity, the lines surprise with deliberate clarity, the coloristic patterned elements attract maximum attention.

We see the artist a little aloof and somehow wary. This is understandable. It was during this period that Gauguin realized that the public did not understand him. He also crashes in relationships with beloved women.

Many contemporaries wondered why Gauguin so often writes self-portraits. Some believed that the artist refused to pose. That is why he had to portray himself.

Others were convinced that Gauguin sought to find himself. He made a lot of attempts. They were all successful. The artist managed to capture himself at different minutes of his life. He also told the audience with the help of paints and skillful brush strokes that he was worried.

Gauguin's self-portrait with a hat is impressive. I want to consider it ad infinitum. Unusual transitions of bright colors create an unusually sunny mood. At the same time, Gauguin seemed to offer us to think about the most important thing in life.

Before us is a magnificent creation of a real impressionist. Gauguin conveys his mood and thoughts. We understand what the artist was thinking about and what worries him.

Numerous self-portraits of the painter allow us to imagine what Gauguin was in life.

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