Description of the painting by Dmitry Zhilinsky “Sunday”

Description of the painting by Dmitry Zhilinsky “Sunday”

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Dmitry Zhilinsky generally does not look like any artist and any representations related to them. Moreover, the master’s work differs both in his manner and in the inner filling of the spirituality of the picture with respect to his professional and everyday habits.

If you carefully look at the work, it will immediately become clear that each hero on the canvas is the main one and is marked as if with a certain stamp of individuality and chosenness.

Each character is far from everyday prose and spends his life according to some unremarkable, but very important laws. Apparently, all this is done only in order to live your happy hours, before the "call to Apollo."

You might think that the rest of the time the heroes are in a state of uncertainty and confusion, while striking everyone around them with their unusual and eccentric behavior.

Despite the apparent first simplicity of the work, in fact, the picture is much more difficult to perceive. Initial scrupulousness to a large number of small details can mislead and thereby cause completely different associations that the master sought. Some viewers see an exceptionally illusory transmission of nature.

But if you delve into and understand which hidden gears control this mechanism and by what methods the work chosen by the master occurs, you can understand a number of his paintings.

All methods are subordinated to the same integrity of the picture, which affects deep philosophical conclusions. Moreover, all this is very combined with the maximum accuracy of the recreation of nature.

Thanks to this paradox, the master was able to create and show his unique and inimitable world, where things, images, emotions, so seemingly incompatible at first glance, are so successfully combined, where each hero seems to tell his story to the viewer.

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