Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Boyarsky wedding feast”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Boyarsky wedding feast”

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The famous painting by Makovsky Konstantin Yegorovich “Boyarsky wedding feast” belongs to the whole cycle of his paintings, which are united by historical plots.

These are bright, festive, fairy-tale, unusually colorful works, with a large number of characters, paintings that convey traditions, rituals of the Russian people, singing these traditions and prolonging their lives.

Each hero of the plot is unusually truthfully described. The facial expressions of each guest are subtly conveyed, the clothes of the boyars of that time are amazingly accurate, varied, richly written. The picture is so designed that it does not have shaded faces, they are all highlighted, and each character carries its own semantic load.

Of course, the main character of the picture should be the bride at her wedding. But in the picture you will not immediately notice it. The girl is painted almost at the very edge of the canvas. Makovsky, as if, emphasizes her true position in this society.

The girl’s drooping gaze, humility in the whole pose, hopelessness - all this overshadows even such amazingly luxurious decoration of the bride. And the scary contrast of a young girl’s deathly gray hand shines amid brocade splendor.

The groom is careful with the beauty. He is trying to carefully turn the unclean to himself, but, as experience shows, a rich boyar did not have this kind of care for a short time.

Behind the bride, a matchmaker pounds with a squat toad. She already knows with what a heavy heart a beauty goes down the aisle - the groom does not like her. Well, is that really a reason to spin like that, such and such a marriage is happiness for any girl.

With joy and smiles, male guests reach for the young bride with glasses. They are not at all going to delve into the sadness and sorrow of the newlywed. This is alien to them. But women look at the bride is not so clear. Here the magnificent lady, with obvious interest, is waiting for what will happen next - whether the groom can kiss the beauty.

And the bright young woman in the center of the table is not at all complacent to the obstinate bride. Perhaps she herself dreamed of being in her place?

Unusual paintings by Makovsky make invent, fantasize and admire.

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