Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “Park Avenue”

Description of the painting by Isaac Brodsky “Park Avenue”

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The painting by Park Alley belongs to the brush of Isaac Izrailevich Brodsky. Work on the canvas was completed in 1930. The central place in the picture is given to huge trees, apparently ash trees.

The branches of the trees lean towards the earth and at the same time stretch towards the blue clear sky, while the trees themselves form a wide avenue along which people walk.

Sunny weather is outside, the park alley is well lit, but long shadows stretch from the trees. Judging by these shadows, the time is noon or afternoon.

Many people in the picture are hiding under the trees and are busy talking. In the center of the canvas there are two children, they are busy playing and do not pay attention to others, the viewer does not see how these children look, they are turned with his back to him and whisper to each other about something, which looks quite natural.

Thanks to these children playing, it seems as if the viewer is not looking at the picture, but at the view that opens out the window. One only has to step outside the door and plunge into the shady coolness of the alley.

The park alley is long enough, but the viewer does not see its end. The park is quite crowded, most likely, the artist worked on the painting on a holiday or a day off. An interesting fact is that most of the picture is reserved not for people, but for trees. Land and people occupy only 1/3 of the canvas, while the remaining 2/3 are dotted with green branches of trees.

Trees stretch toward the sky, trees appear as shadows on the ground, reading and walking people lean on the trees. It seems that they are people, not trees, are a complement to this canvas.

The park alley is a bright and even shining picture, when you look at it, every person rises their mood, you want to become a part of this canvas and also walk along the summer alley carefree. The simplicity of the plot makes this picture even more attractive and realistic.

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