Description of the monument to the Afghans

Description of the monument to the Afghans

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The theme of the Afghan war in our country is important, as our soldiers took part in it for ten years. And not everyone returned home from Afghanistan. Therefore, members of the community of war veterans came up with a proposal to establish a monument as a memory of internationalist warriors.

A monument was created with the support of the capital’s administration, personal savings of Afghan soldiers and donations were invested.

There are several authors of the construction: the artists Shcherbakovs and builders Grigoryevs. The opening ceremony of the monument took place on December 27, 2004. This is a 25-year history of the entry of Soviet troops into the Afghan Republic. On this day, Afghan veterans, representatives of veteran organizations, special forces and ordinary residents of Izhevsk gathered around the monument.

The area for the installation of the monument was chosen on Poklonnaya Hill in the western part of Victory Park. The place was not chosen by chance; people often come here just to relax. And now also remember the soldiers who died in the fulfillment of their international duty.

On a stone pedestal made of red granite, which depicts part of the rock behind it is a void. On the upper part there is a sculpture of a young soldier of the Soviet army, cast in bronze. The figure of a warrior is dressed in camouflage clothing. He holds a helmet in his left hand, and a machine gun in his right hand.

The soldier went to the very edge of the cliff, beyond the cliff. He peers into the distance and thinks about something of his own. There were wrinkles on his face from fatigue and tension. But in his posture, self-confidence is felt.

On the side on red granite there is a bronze bas-relief. It depicts battle scenes on Afghan soil. There are always people standing near the monument. They come to remember the internationalist warriors who died in a foreign country.

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