Description of the sculpture by Giovanni Bernini “The Abduction of Proserpine”

Description of the sculpture by Giovanni Bernini “The Abduction of Proserpine”

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Giovanni Bernini at a young age created his creation "The Abduction of Proserpine." The sculpture was executed very refined and with great virtuosity. The author’s work incorporates the features of Michelangelo’s technique and antique plasticity.

The style of contemporaries of the seventeenth century is also visible in it. At this time, Bernini was already considered an excellent architect and sculptor. He literally carried out one of the orders of the Pope.

At the heart of the composition is the story of one legend. Proserpine is the daughter of the goddess Demeter and Zeus. The father gave his daughter in marriage to his brother Pluto, who ruled in the kingdom of the dead. And, seeing the girl with her friends, he decided to abduct her. This moment was depicted by the sculptor in his composition.

Bernini himself said that the marble in his hands became plastic as wax, so all his ideas were a success. If you look at the sculpture, you understand that the author is right. Proserpine is depicted miniature compared to Pluto. But if you look carefully, then everything has certain proportions, proportionality is felt in all the details.

Bernini portrayed Pluto's hands beautiful and strong, but he very carefully holds his lover in them. The hero’s body is molded perfectly, each fold, muscles, everything is as in the picture. You can’t say that it is molded of marble.

On the face of Pluto is clearly traced power and a little surprise. But he smiles a little. But Proserpine is not inferior to him in power and beauty. Pluto is not difficult to hold in her hands the most beautiful girl.

The curls on the hair and the beard of the sculptures were masterfully executed. All folds on the body are very similar to natural ones. The genuine resistance of Proserpine can be traced in all its movements. Tears froze on the girl’s face, despair is visible in her eyes. But strong hands will not let her go.

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