Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy “Portrait of P. M. Tretyakov”

Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy “Portrait of P. M. Tretyakov”

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Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov is a Russian businessman, who had a great passion for fine art, who gathered a truly huge collection of paintings and created the world-famous gallery.

Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy - Russian artist, portrait master. This work proves this.

The two men indicated were quite close friends. Meeting over a cup of tea, they liked to discuss the politics and culture of their country. The philanthropist bought for his collection several excellent works by the artist, which the latter specially created for the gallery.

Kramskoy did not write this work for the collection, of his own free will, as a tribute to friendship, "writing off" a friend who is in illness. Of course, this is not visible in the portrait, since the artist put into the work dedicated to his friend a maximum of lyricism and sincere peace. The output was a beautiful portrait of an outstanding man.

The businessman is depicted on the chest. This is a characteristic style of Kramskoy, rarely he painted full-length portraits. This allowed you to focus on the face, to which the master paid special attention.

So in this person we clearly see the grace and aristocracy of the person portrayed, absolute calmness in the look and the absence of nervousness in the character (as we understand, it is very difficult to convey character traits in a real portrait, since the latter is dynamic, but Kramsky succeeds, as in this work, and in others, which testifies to his incredible skill), as well as a great mind in a broad forehead.

Being a friend of a merchant-collector, the painter “transferred” the living Tretyakov to the canvas, as a result of which the latter turned out to be large-scale, deep and holistic. And since the patron was such, this once again testifies to how he loved art, appreciated the skill of painters, and therefore carefully preserved its incarnations in his gallery.

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