Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "At the gates of the monastery"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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The painting by Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov is unique in that it is an amazing play of light and shadow. The painting “At the Gates of the Monastery” is included in the famous rainbow cycle of the artist’s paintings, even though its significance is shaded - we see the rainbow somewhere behind the trees, in the thicket of the forest. A.

An alarming landscape with clouds hanging over the temple and pine trees pulls a heavy sky, which is about to be ready to spill out with a biting summer downpour. The languid summer heat descends from the smooth water surface, languorfully gives away from the buzzing fresh bushes, all the smells of nature are aggravated and soar uncontrollably over the slope.

As often happens during a midday thunderstorm in the summer - from where the scorching sunlight comes down to the earth, but in Savrasov’s painting he doesn’t look blindingly cruel, on the contrary, the ray of light is scattered, wide, he illuminated the monastery entrance and people were drawn to cool light white stone temple. The silence of the monastery backwater is broken only occasionally by audible splashes of water in the lowlands, by the leisurely steps of people calmly leaving for their cells. A rainbow illuminates the sky with its brilliance and is about to ready to hide somewhere in the air, disappearing until the next sun.

Savrasov's artistic skill is presented in all its glory to the audience in every smallest detail of the landscape, in every leaf of birch, reflecting the sun's glare. The picture attracts the eye not only with such charming highlighted places as, say, the birch-tree slope, but also with houses on a hill, glare on the water, plants in their lush flowering.

The answer to the question - why exactly this landscape attracted the attention of the artist lies in his special attitude to this place in Sergiev Posad near Moscow. The monastery "Kinovia" depicted in the picture is just in those neighborhoods where the artist so often rested with his family.

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