Description of the painting by Titian "Sisyphus"

Description of the painting by Titian

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Another grandiose picture of Titian “Sisyphus” refers to a rather famous ancient Greek myth, which tells about how the most cunning of people able to deceive Death itself, Sisyphus revealed the secret of Zeus to another god without the permission of the latter, for which he had to be killed by Thanatos (Death itself ), which Zeus sent. The young man deceived Thanatos and imprisoned him in the strongest fetters, thus saving people from death (they simply stopped dying).

Outraged by such insolence, the gods were perplexed on Olympus, and then Ares went down to the ground, freed Thanatos and threw the guy into Hades. The guy was not even confused: he ordered his wife not to bring sacrifices to the gods in remembrance of him. The gods again did not understand what was happening. Ais's wife sent Sisyphus back to earth to tell his wife that it was time to reason and perform sacrificial rites.

Arriving at his domain, the young man remained there, not intending to return to the Kingdom of the dead. And he lived happily ever after for a while, until the gods finally got tired of it; death came quite suddenly and carried Sisyphus back underground.

Only this time no one felt sorry for him, he was punished: from now on, he was obliged to constantly, without sleep and rest, drag a heaviest block of marble onto the highest mountain. When he got to the peak and tried to establish a block there, it broke and rolled back. And the poor fellow started all over again ... From here came the expression “Sisyphus labor”, meaning barren painful work.

It is this work that Titian portrayed on his magnificent canvas. Moreover, due to the colors (and Titian was a master of the game with light and color), a complete sensation of the combination of man and stone into a single monolith is created, which represents endless and useless hard work ...

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