Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Poppy Field”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Poppy Field”

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The surrounding nature, and especially the flowers in Van Gogh's paintings, always attract inimitable beauty and liveliness. The Dutch painter chose landscapes with sunflowers, irises and lilac bushes for his canvases, as well as spacious fields of poppies and other wildflowers and fruit trees.

In the 1889 painting “Field of Poppies”, the author depicts one of the plots with blooming scarlet poppies. In addition to this work, Van Gogh dedicated to the poppies many other striking paintings. He depicted flowers surrounded by wildlife or in the still life genre - in the form of lush bouquets in vases.

"Field of Poppies" is written in the style of post-impressionism. Apparently this is a rural landscape. In a village far from the city there are several lonely low houses. Cultivated fields with crops alternate with wild thickets of wildflowers. Above them are tall trees. Numerous poppy flowers stand out most clearly in this landscape. They bloom with red lights in the bosom of spring nature. The picture breathes peace and happy harmony.

In 1889, the Dutch post-impressionist painter was in a hospital. He improved his health after an ear cutting incident. Van Gogh's condition sometimes improves, and at such moments he is inspired by the abundant natural landscapes here. "Field of Poppies" was written along with other famous works of the master, on which he depicted cypresses, olives, many other picturesque flowers.

The poppy field in the French town of Saint-Rémy was painted by the artist in a characteristic manner. With short, twisting strokes, the whole composition of the landscape was built. Van Gogh used natural, natural colors. Above the flowering abundant plain, he showed a blue cloudy sky.

The Poppies Field is currently in the art gallery of the North German city of Bremen.

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