Description of the painting by Konstantin Savitsky “For War”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Savitsky “For War”

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The artist Savitsky was a very prominent representative of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. More than seriously in content, his famous canvas On War. It was written only a decade after the brutal and difficult Russian-Turkish war. And the memory of those terrible events, losses and troubles was still alive in the hearts of people. The war left a painful imprint on many families. And all these events Savitsky dedicated his picture.

The plot is based on an anti-militaristic work. War is a great sorrow, revealing the experiences of the characters depicted in the picture. You can see that people are divided into several groups, each of which expresses its mood. But in general, one feeling is felt - despair. Sadly bowed backs of women, fun dancing young recruits are very close. It also depicts the soldiers who happened to see a lot in their lives, their views are serious, there is an alarming tension. A train is already standing on the platform, and the gendarmes standing nearby confirm with their formidable appearance that parting with relatives is already inevitable.

Despite the fact that depicted on the same canvas are different in character and mood of a group of people, the picture looks the same. Composition as if unites them, thereby increasing this difficult, gloomy mood of society. One feels a certain spiritual connection of the depicted people. Each in itself, but they are together, they are united by one big trouble - war.

G Nyssa February Moscow Region

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