Description of the painting by Jean Antoine Watteau “Savoyard with Groundhog”

Description of the painting by Jean Antoine Watteau “Savoyard with Groundhog”

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The picture was painted from nature, exactly in the place that is depicted on it. A skilled artist portrayed him as a small musician who was walking and working at the same time on a bright day. The young man's face is open and smiling, he does not hesitate to look directly at the artist who paints him, and the wandering smile just does not leave his face. He is dressed in rather modest but comfortable clothes for him, because all his work is in motion. His outfit is warm brown, almost the same as the grass under his feet. Therefore, his suit speaks of many days of travel and the absence of his home.

The young man hit the road, taking with him a flute and a box with a friend. In the box lives a trained groundhog, who, on command, takes out notes from the box “for good luck” to the public. The artist portrayed the artist and his little apprentice with the inner warmth and lyrics characteristic of his work. The loneliness of a young man is carefully and imperceptibly emphasized against the background of an autumn cold sky and the absence of numerous fans of his craft.

The trees have already circled and are at a distance from the artist completely naked. In the distance you can see a church-like building and many small houses of local residents. It’s hard to understand from the picture, the guy has just come to the village or is already leaving, but he has no spectators yet. And I want to believe that they will gather around him now to see how he plays magical melodies on his flute, and how his hand-trained little animal will get wishes for everyone who throws a coin to him.

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