Description of the painting by Sylvester Shchedrin “New Rome. Castle of the Holy Angel »

Description of the painting by Sylvester Shchedrin “New Rome. Castle of the Holy Angel »

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What is displayed on this canvas - the artist saw almost every day, because he lived very close to this place. The painting, which is one of the main milestones in the works of Shchedrin. After all, the plot in it can be interpreted differently than before in his canvases. Here in the foreground are the old houses of poor residents beginning to crumble along the Tiber River. They are not dirty, they look pretty neat, but their age outweighs in trying to look decent. Near the houses there are boats of local residents, several of them are going to go to the river, some empty.

A lot of people are located on the shore, they are busy with their usual affairs, not at all distracted by the dirty waters of the river. Simple peasants are very carefully drawn, adding vitality and brightness to the image. It seems like a pretty cool morning, because the sky is high and painted in cold silver-gray tones. However, the picture breathes easily for everyone, the plot has a lot of air. It was painted by a master of painting in the open air with oil on canvas.

If in the foreground there are old houses of local residents, then in the background, in the background, "old" Rome is depicted. This is the castle of St. Angel and St. Peter's Basilica, which should personify the magnificent, but not so important old view of Rome. Located deep in the picture, they are nothing more than just a kind of background. The urban poor and their dilapidated houses in the foreground point to a new Rome. With this picture, the author wanted to show a combination of the eternal and the temporary, high and low in one image.

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