Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “Girls at the Piano”

Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “Girls at the Piano”

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In the work of Zinaida Serebryakova there are many children's portraits. The world of childhood is one of the important topics for the artist. Serebryakova loved to write young children, as they are open, natural and skillfully express love and interest in the world around them. In particular, she loved to paint portraits of her children, of whom she had four: 2 boys and 2 girls. “Girls at the Piano” 1922 - portrait of the daughters of Serebryakova, Katya and Tata. The painting was painted 2 years before the urgent departure of the artist in Paris. And if Katya was able to soon go on her mother’s journey, Tate had to spend several years before meeting her family.

But while Zinaida Serebryakova is in Russia, and she often draws her children. They constantly surround their mother and do not yet suspect that soon they will be parted for many years. Nature endowed them with a beautiful and noble appearance, which was repeatedly noted by surrounding people. Next to the piano is Katya, the owner of golden, curly hair and a gentle face. Tata is sitting at the piano. The girl has brown hair and dark, glittering eyes that look so much like maternal ones. The picture is made in golden blue shades. There is a blue robe on the girls, and the piano seems to play along with the color and gives off blue glare.

Tata's fingers lightly touch the keys. It seems that the girl was about to play an instrument. The gaze of both girls on the viewer is random: the mother painting them seemed to distract the girls from the process, and for a moment they decided to look in her direction.

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