Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "The Siege of Sevastopol"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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In the fall of 1854, one of the most epic events of the Eastern War unfolds in the area of ​​the coastal city of Sevastopol. The combined forces of the French, British and Turks land north of the Sevastopol Bay and try to storm the city.

The heroic defenders of Sevastopol successfully defend the city for many months, using all available means. Sevastopol Bay is filled with sunken ships. This makes it difficult to approach the city from the sea, but in general it is a sad sight, which the famous artist observes upon his arrival at the scene of the fighting. Impressed by what he saw, Aivazovsky begins work on the canvas, now known as the "Siege of Sevastopol."

The picture is a huge panorama of the city, starting at the northern tip of the island and ending with the Chersonesus lighthouse and the masts of the flooded ships. An evening descends on the besieged city. Most of the picture is reserved for the evening sky, covered with smoke from gunfire. The dilapidated buildings visible in the distance are illuminated by the evening sun, which gives the whole picture a kind of fragility and fleeting.

In the foreground of the picture, the viewer is presented with hilly terrain, beyond which you can see the sea and the opposite shore. At the bottom of the picture are several riders. These are the Cossacks guarding the captured French. Near the opposite shore, ships of the Allies are seen firing at city batteries. The battle does not cease even for a minute, which does not allow you to fully enjoy the idyll of the autumn evening and gives the picture of anxiety inherent in wartime paintings. Soon night will come and will create a fragile illusion of calm, but tomorrow a new day will begin, the result of which is known to God alone.

The canvas was presented to the public before the war - in 1859.

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