Description of the painting by Amedeo Modigliani “Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne in a big hat”

Description of the painting by Amedeo Modigliani “Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne in a big hat”

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She was young, beautiful, charming. She looked at the world with huge eyes, like a young fragile deer. She was born in the magnificent capital of France. In Paris, she was gone, only 21 years after her birth.

An inscription on a gray stone tombstone said that the faithful wife simply could not survive the separation from her beloved husband. This girl's name was Jeanne Hebuterne. She was a beautiful woman and the last passion of the brilliant painter - Amedeo Modigliani.

The artist led a wild life. He smoked a lot, drank soundly, was fond of gambling. This could not but affect his health. He soon became ill with tuberculosis. When Amedeo met Jeanne, he immediately realized that he was missing. She was 19, and he was already over 30. He created more than twenty of her portraits. They were all alike, and they were all very different.

In 1918, Amedeo finished work on "Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne in a big hat." This is one of the most colorful and strange images of his young wife. Jeanne is dressed in a black, shoulder-opening dress. Her hand touches her chin with a light gesture, as if the girl was thinking a little about something. Dark heavy hair is gathered in a hairstyle, let me fully appreciate the elegance of the neck. On her head is a huge hat, the wide fields of which are painted in contrasting beige.

This technique allows you to especially emphasize the expression of the face. The most striking thing about the portrait, of course, is the eyes. The slots are painted in light green, and the apples themselves are not drawn. This creates a strange impression on the viewer.

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