Description of Salvador's painting “Portrait of the Gala”

Description of Salvador's painting “Portrait of the Gala”

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Gala was not just the wife of a famous artist. She was his model, muse and inspiration, her presence was felt in all his work. The facial features or body shape of the muse can be seen in almost every Dali painting, where there is a female image.

Salvador Dali often depicted his wife in canvases. Most of the paintings were surreal, painted on religious or mystical themes. Some canvases were realistic in nature, such as "Portrait of a Gala", written in 1932.

In the portrait, a woman is depicted in full growth. She is wearing comfortable summer clothes: a T-shirt and wide shorts that open long slim legs. In the background grows a low tree or a large spreading bush, through the branches of which you can see the golden rays of the setting sun.

Gala has a laid-back pose. One arm is bent and rests against the side, and the other is located behind the back. The legs are arranged as if the image is captured in motion and Gala takes a step forward.

On the canvas, the main muse of Salvador Dali smiles. Her face radiates kindness and charm. In this case, you can feel the powerful energy of this strong woman. According to their friends, Gala suppressed Salvador Dali, but at the same time inspired, guided and supported.

The eyes of beloved Dali, depicted on the canvas, are squinted due to the bright scorching sun. The artist demonstrates the hot sunny weather with saturated yellow and orange shades. This summer heat is associated with fire, which was kindled in the heart of young Dali by a Russian woman whom he idolized all his life. She has always been for Salvador Dali the personification of love and peace. Thanks to Gala, the artist found himself, became a successful and famous person.

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