Description of the painting by Yefim Volkov “At the end of winter”

Description of the painting by Yefim Volkov “At the end of winter”

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The famous Russian artist Efim Volkov loved to portray nature in all its beauty. He painted landscapes of the Middle East and Crimea, but his heart was given to the nature of central Russia. He portrayed her with special love and spiritual awe. The artist did not seek out beautiful landscapes. The plot of his paintings became modest corners of Russian nature. He did his best to convey their charm and poetry in the picture.

The picture At the end of winter, the state of nature after the retreat of frosts is depicted. Russian forest wakes up after hibernation. Snow begins to melt and snow-white snowdrifts gradually turn into puddles. Winter has lost its severity, has become light and gentle. The forest breathes freshness and a premonition of heat.

The picture is made in calm colors. In the foreground is last year's yellow grass, small snowy plots of land and puddles. A little further you can see the bare trees. Birch trees and other deciduous trees stand bare and seem to stretch their branches to the sky, while spruce trees delight with their lush greenery. The forest in the background is shrouded in gray haze, and the upper part of the picture is occupied by a white-blue sky. A reflection of the heavenly blue can be seen in the puddles.

The whole canvas is saturated with the smell of spring, waiting for the arrival of heat. Soon bright sunlight will appear on the horizon, birds will chirp, and leaves will begin to appear on the trees. The forest will change its appearance. The snowy areas in the picture seem to show the reluctance of winter to leave, but the abundance of light colors hints that spring has already won, chased away winter and opened its arms to Russian nature.

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