Description of the painting by Peter Vereshchagin “View of the Moscow Kremlin”

Description of the painting by Peter Vereshchagin “View of the Moscow Kremlin”

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Pyotr Petrovich Vereshchagin (1834 - 1886) is a Russian landscape painter of the nineteenth century, the author of numerous panoramic views and everyday sketches. Born in the city of Perm, traveled a lot. His brushes belong to landscape images of various places of the Urals, Central Russia, Volga, Baltic Sea, Transcaucasia and other regions of the world. In the variety of landscapes of Peter Vereshchagin, a special place is occupied by the views of Moscow - the city that the artist loved and to which he repeatedly returned in his work.

“View of the Moscow Kremlin” is one of the most famous paintings by the artist. The canvas depicts a clear day on the embankment of the Moscow River. In the foreground, people are visible, each doing his own business: some are trading, others are talking with each other in concentration, others are just walking along the river slowly. On the opposite bank, on a hill, the majestic ensemble of the white Kremlin is spread in full breadth. High above the center, the Kremlin towers, the palaces, the domes of churches and the bell tower of Ivan the Great rise into the sky. Both in the Kremlin and on the ancient Kremlin embankment with a pier, small figures of people are visible, but they are completely insignificant in comparison with the great creations of medieval architects who rebuilt Moscow for many centuries.

Vereshchagin's painting was created at the end of the 19th century. When you look at the images of the Moscow Kremlin of that era, you can clearly see the features that distinguish it from the modern one: at that time its walls were white, not red, as now, and the towers were crowned with tsar's eagles. In the picture you can distinguish some buildings that have not survived to this day. The landscape of Vereshchagin, reflecting the features and spirit of Moscow of his time, was highly appreciated by the contemporaries of the artist, and now occupies a worthy place among the old panoramic views of the city.

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