Description of the painting by Vladimir Borovikovsky "Portrait of D. A. Derzhavina"

Description of the painting by Vladimir Borovikovsky

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Daria Alekseevna Derzhavina - the wife of the poet Gabriel Romanovich Derzhavin, a Russian poet of the late eighteenth century. The daughter of the St. Petersburg State Councilor Alexei Dyakov and Princess Myshetskaya. Derzhavin devoted many of his poems to her, in which he called her Milena.

In the portrait of 1813, made by the artist Vladimir Borovikovsky, Daria Alekseevna appears in a white dress in the garden on the background of the Volkhov River, behind which is visible the Derzhavins' estate "Zvanka", acquired by the spouses during the marriage. In this estate, Gabriel Romanovich loved to spend the summer, here he created dozens of famous poems. According to the recollections of acquaintances, his wife always showed herself as an attentive hostess, taking care of the well-being of her estate. Daria Derzhavina survived her husband for more than a quarter of a century, living mainly in Zvanka inherited from him. In the picture, she holds a small white dog in one hand, and with the other hand points to the estate and the park, as if offering to stay in her beautiful house on the other side of the river.

The artistic features of the picture are clearly defined objects, clean and clear colors inherent in the style of classicism. The artist showed her a strong and energetic woman with regular and rather sharp features. Her elegant clothes, corresponding to high fashion, characterize her as a typical representative of secular circles. In this portrait, she is depicted as restrained, serious and, perhaps, a little dry, but at the same time friendly, as she was known to others.

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