Description of the painting by Ivan Bilibin “Court in the days of Russian truth”

Description of the painting by Ivan Bilibin “Court in the days of Russian truth”

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In this picture, the artist Bilibin described the process of legal proceedings during the time of Kievan Rus. In the picture you can see how the prince is sitting in his yard and judging the guilty person. The artist depicted this process very solemnly and vividly, in the smallest details depicted the details and outfits of people who were involved in the trial. The artist portrayed the completion of justice so solemnly to demonstrate that the main goal of those present is to punish the guilty and restore justice.

The picture depicts a group of people, one of them is the Grand Duke, who had the role to punish criminals. As you can see in the image, the ruler relies on his weapon - a sword, and his close ones are present nearby, who are dressed very festively. The picture presents not only the arbiters of justice and law enforcement - warriors who also take part in the trial.

The depicted bonfire in the picture of Bilibin indicates the existence of a special procedure for identifying a criminal. This tradition was distinguished by its unusualness and originality, a tradition that has become an integral part of the judicial system of Russia. The criminals had to pull out with their hand the iron that was in the fire and if they did not receive a burn, then they were not guilty, otherwise they would be punished for their deeds. The famous Russian artist Bilibin tried to convey all this atmosphere and the spirit of the Russian people in his work. An artist whose work is permeated and saturated with the history of Russia is of particular value.

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