Description of the painting by Boris Kudryavtsev “March”

Description of the painting by Boris Kudryavtsev “March”

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Painting by Boris Kudryavtsev March. The thawed spruce was written in 1979, which was made in his own, then already established, plastic style, which betrays all the works of the artist with a special charm.

Through the plastic artwork Kudryavtsev conveys the mood of early spring, which is still preparing to enter into its legal rights, after winter. The snow only melted slightly, but still lies with a heavy dense carpet that covered everything around. Last year’s yellow grass stands only near the fir trees. Around the fir trees, which have already thrown off their white fur coats and are ready to accept nests with noisy bird families on their branches, there are still snow-covered trees.

The approach of spring cannot be hidden; a clear blue sky foreshadows it, giving the impression of a completely frost-free day. She slowly and until she confidently transforms everything around. The picture conveys the patient expectation of the blossoming of nature asleep for a long winter.

Kudryavtsev conveys in her picture only her vision, they seem to reflect his qualities. In this case, this is a kind of musical temperament, which is expressed in a smooth transition of colors from cold to warm tones, as well as the poetry of nature and high spiritual mood are visible in the landscape. He was able to show upcoming spring joy in an ordinary March day.

Before the year-round series of the artist’s works, nobody presented spring like that, especially in such a performance technique. Kudryavtsev painted with a palette knife, so all strokes are coarse, wide and short, or long and long, which makes the picture textured and colorful.

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