Description of the painting by Vladimir Tatlin "Sailor"

Description of the painting by Vladimir Tatlin

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Vladimir Tatlin’s work “Sailor” is essentially an autobiographical portrait. At the age of 14, Vladimir ran away from home and got a job as a young boy on a ship. Year the young man sailed in the Black Sea.

In the portrait we see a young man. In the background, the artist placed two small figures of sailors and a cannon. The contour has a rigid and concise line, subtly outlining the figure. We can judge the rapid drawing of a picture by applying liquid paint tightly - there are unfilled fragments. You can say that this is a self-portrait by looking at the inscription on the cap - the word guarding is written with an error. The letter “And” is inverted, as if it were written in mirror image.

Self-portrait is slightly naive, but executed with feeling. Tatlin warmly recalled the time of his service on the ship.

The canvas is written in tempera. Thanks to this, the picture does not hurt the eyes, has a velvety structure. In order for the sailor to be in the foreground, Vladimir Tatlin specifically made the long-range plan monochrome. He painted the main image in yellow and blue.

The painting was written under the influence of Mikhail Larionov. Vladimir Tatlin was an artist of a wide range. He was fond of the problems of material in the visual arts. He argued that visual perception cannot fully convey the result of artwork. The views of the artist Vladimir Tatlin had a strong influence on the work of other artists, designers around the world.

The last years of his life Tatlin worked mainly in the theater, as well as in the genre of easel painting.

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