Description of the painting Francesco Hayes "Kiss"

Description of the painting Francesco Hayes

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Hayes - originally from France, was raised not by his own mother, but by his own aunt. From adolescence gravitated to drawing. This prompted his uncle to send young Francesco to an apprentice to the restorer. After some time, becomes a student of Francesco Maggotto. As a student, he spent three years.

The painting "Kiss" was created in 1859. The genre of fulfillment is Italian romanticism. The painter painted three additional copies of this painting. Two of them are currently in private collections. The third copy (a young girl is depicted on her in a snow-white dress) was written for the Mulius family in 1861. In 2008, it was auctioned at Sotby`s in the UK.

The author considered this picture the most important of all his canvases. It managed to combine romanticism, naturalism, which was inherent in the Italian region of that time, to draw attention to love. The couple depicted in the picture represents Romeo and Juliet. Francesco Hayes tried to show how the Italian nation is being revived, to combine the love of the homeland and man in the picture.

The painting contains elements of symbolism. Looking at clothes, we can immediately determine the era - these are the Middle Ages. However, the iconography of the canvas tells us that it was written in the modern world. The colors that the painter used transparently hinted at us at the Plombière Pact (Italy-France), which is known for the birth of the Italian nation.

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