Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “Self-portrait”

Description of the painting by Pavel Fedotov “Self-portrait”

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It is known that the great Russian artist, Pavel Fedotov, has many works that have become masterpieces in which he portrayed himself. Each self-portrait of Fedotov is different from the other, because on one canvas the artist wrote about his youth, the other self-portrait contains a picture of a young officer who was awarded an honorary medal. Self-portraits of this artist attract particular attention, looking at one work after another, you can see how the artist’s face changes, turning from a young beautiful young man into an old man whose hair is covered with snow-white gray hair.

The most famous self-portrait of a Russian artist is work done with a simple pencil. On this canvas you can see a man who rested his head on his fist. These eyes hide deep melancholy and sadness, a state of anxiety and emotional indignation. It seems that the usual pencil drawing attracted such attention, it was the simplicity and lack of colors that helped to reflect the real feelings of the hero of the picture. The lack of colors helps to focus on the main issues and sets the task for a person to find out what these pensive and full of longing eyes actually hide.

Self-portrait is special, conveying emotions and the real face of the artist, his rich and talented inner world, the ability to reflect his state of mind on canvas. It is giftedness, intelligence and talent that can be seen on this self-portrait and to discover not just an artist, but a person who is as simple as drawing with a pencil.

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