Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Portrait of Pisemsky"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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It is known that during his work the portrait genre Repin turned to an incredible number of times. And most interestingly, each of them was certainly crowned with success. Poor or rich, old or young, each person looks in his own way original and unique. Repin was able to display in the portrait that individual trait that would distinguish the canvas from a number of others. And this feature was not always appearance.

This canvas was created in 1880 and has been in the State Tretyakov Gallery for many years. The dimensions of the picture reach a little more than 60 cm wide by 90 centimeters in height. In many of his canvases, the artist depicts a man waist-high, so that the face, shoulders and chest look as expressive as possible. Repin adhered to the same principle in this case, but here only the body is hiding under a large gray jacket. The writer, whom Repin painted, sits on a chair and rests his hands on a cane. Many art historians say that the image cannot be called an ordinary portrait, the way it is used to be considered.

Very precisely, Repin managed to convey the character of his client. He drew every line, every wrinkle so technically that many of Pisemsky's friends were amazed at the mystical resemblance to the original. There is a feeling that Pisemsky is looking at us not from a meter canvas, but from a conventional enlarged photograph. Here are just cameras then have not yet received their future glory. The picture breathes life and literally just about to get Pisemsky out of his chair and begin to pace the room. This liveliness in some way is transmitted due to the unusual facial expressions of the hero: a raised eyebrow, a surprised face, a light, almost imperceptible smile in the corners of the lips.

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