Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "Girl with a watering can"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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Pierre Auguste Renoir is one of the most famous representatives of impressionism. He became famous as a secular portrait painter - he was the first of the Impressionists to become popular with a wealthy public who considered it fashionable to order a portrait from Renoir. The rich liked the light shade of sentimentality inherent in the artist's works.

In the works of Renoir, there are many paintings where the central role is given to girls. The picture A girl with a watering can is remembered for its spontaneity, it looks like a randomly taken photograph. The baby in the picture does not look at the viewer, but somewhere in the distance, into the depths of the garden. The girl has a dark blue dress, richly decorated with lace, with large decorative buttons, a lace lower skirt and neat shoes. By clothes, we can say that the heroine belongs to a wealthy family.

In the hands of the crumbs - a small watering can. Most likely, with her help, the girl just watered the many colorful flowers that flooded the garden. The baby looks satisfied and happy, but at the same time serious - apparently, she is glad that she was entrusted with such a serious matter, and hopes to approach him with all responsibility. Delicate light curls intercepted by a red bow, cheeks are reddened, tight eyes seem cunning and playful.

The canvas technique is typical of late impressionism. This style is characterized by small, mosaic strokes that add up to the whole picture. The texture eliminates the presence of contours and clear boundaries; all objects are slightly blurred - so myopic people see the world. Colors smoothly transition from one to another due to the abundance of midtones and shades. Renoir believed that to convey the airiness of a landscape or portrait, neat, gentle, blurry transitions are enough - and the picture of a Girl with a watering can is vivid proof of this.

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