Description of the painting "In Ambush" by Illarion Pryanishnikov

Description of the painting

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Illarion Mikhailovich Pryanishnikov is an artist of genre painting. Since the 1870s, the images of his paintings have become close to the direction of realism. The painting "In Ambush" is not dated, but judging by the technique of execution, it was painted around 1881.

Examining the painting “In Ambush”, the image involuntarily turns into a poeticized environment, which recalls an excerpt from the work “Peasant Children” by Nikolai Nekrasov. The writer is moved by little adventurers and sincerely expresses his love for the peasant children. Illarion Mikhailovich depicts summer, the outskirts of a village with a country road along which two guys are walking. One of them carries a fishing rod thrown over his shoulder, and the other carries a tub. Behind them is depicted another boy who apparently wants to go fishing with them. The boys walk confidently, talking about something and not suspecting anything that awaits them.

On the left is a field with golden ears of corn. On the right is a hedge, behind which branched and fluffy spruce. Bright sunlight illuminates the road and the forest edge. The trees lowered their branches low and created a cool shadow, where five village boys were ambushed. One of them peers out from behind a bush and reports on what he saw next to a seated person. The boys lurked and prepared for a surprise attack. Only one of the guys, in a red shirt and brown vest, has a thoughtful look, as if he doubts the correctness of the act.

The artist clearly presents the exact socio-psychological characteristics of village children. Pryanishnikov presented to the viewer all the drama and tension of the plot. Illarion Mikhailovich uses a bright and juicy range of colors, which is quite realistic and portrays the nature of the summer village.

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