Description of the painting by Julia Clover “Winter sunset in the spruce forest”

Description of the painting by Julia Clover “Winter sunset in the spruce forest”

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The expressive landscapes of the artist, painted in a realistic manner, mesmerize the untouched beauty of nature and the breath of space.

Winter sunset in the spruce forest has become very famous in Russia and abroad. His reproductions are used in drawings for embroidery, on the pages of calendars. This painting was painted in a series of similar landscapes. All of them had a common feature - this is a detailed study of the foreground and blurry outlines of the background and long-range perspective.

Old spruce trees froze over the snow cover, in silence there is not the slightest breath of breeze. Winter forest lurks, waiting for the onset of heat. In the meantime, only sunlight penetrates the trunks and serves as a reminder of the distant summer. A frozen stream casts sun glare onto the snow and roots of the uprooted tree. The fallen giant almost completely disappeared under the snow cover, but the stubborn roots still reach the ground in a futile attempt to grab hold of it.

The rays of the winter sun illuminate the snowy space, leaving bizarre shadows on the ground and tree trunks, and enlivens the landscape with a play of shades. Glittering ice on the surface of a sleeping stream, and a string stretching into the distance of centuries-old trees, in some places interspersed with young trees.

Calmness and amazing beauty of nature look from the master’s canvas. A thin strip of clear sky mesmerizes the fading blue. so noticeable in the background of white snow. No deliberate details, only a forest and a stream, and the sun peering through the haze of clouds.

The artist admires the Russian forest, from which emanates eternity and immutability.

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