Description of the painting by Voadimir Makovsky "In a rural school"

Description of the painting by Voadimir Makovsky

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In 1883, the famous Russian artist V. Makovsky painted his painting “In a Rural School”. With the help of saturated oil paints, the author depicted one day in the life of rural children of that time. They, like our young contemporaries, also were friends, played with each other and, of course, attended schools - small and unremarkable, like wooden huts.

The canvas depicts children of different ages, as well as their teacher. Each character in the picture is engaged in its own business. Two girls tell the teacher material memorized at home, and judging by the expression on their faces, this is not easy for them. One girl looked down at the floor and is trying to remember the correct answer. The second continues to think and hope for a good grade. The teacher sits holding a book in her hands and slightly hunched over.

The remaining students are seated at a long table and perform the task, bending over textbooks. They are the center of composition and immediately attract the attention of the viewer. Someone prefers to study alone, and someone gathered in a small company, because doing lessons together is much more interesting.

Two tanned boys were playing nearby and ran to see classes. Like all young children, they want to quickly get older and begin to gnaw at the granite of science.

The artist created a unique canvas with the help of a rich color palette and realistic image. The master’s technique inspires and perfectly conveys the mood of the picture - bright nostalgia for school times.

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