Description of the portrait of Karl Pavlovich Bryullov “Portrait of A. N. Strugovshchikov”

Description of the portrait of Karl Pavlovich Bryullov “Portrait of A. N. Strugovshchikov”

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The painting “Portrait of A. Bryullov oil on canvas in 1840

Genre - portrait.

In the red chair, the poet and translator Alexander Nikolayevich Strugovshchikov relaxed and freely leaned back. Perhaps the chair is the only bright and saturated spot in the work. It emphasizes the sophistication, grace and intelligence of the portrait. The head of the hero is tilted slightly to the side. A pale, smooth-shaven face is framed by black, neatly styled, smooth hair. Hairstyle opens the big forehead of the poet. The thoughtful look of smart eyes is directed to the side. The artist perfectly conveyed the moment of spiritual contemplation and the fragile creative process that does not endure anxiety. Slightly pushed forward, tightly compressed, soft, sensual lips reinforce this impression. Facial expression - calm, filled with dreaminess. Some tragedy, however, adds the so-called “Rembrandt Triangle” on the left cheek. The pallor of the face is enhanced by a combination of black hair and a scarf, coquettishly tied around the neck.

The poet is dressed in a white shirt, black vest and brown jacket. Light edges of the shirt peek out from the sleeves of the jacket. Hands relaxed on the arms of the chair, one hand hang limply, the other holds a book. Long thin fingers emphasize the poet’s emotional spirit, his dreaminess and sophistication. On one finger is a dark ring.

The poet took a natural and laid-back pose, there is no tension and excess energy in it. Black and white drawing emphasizes only the soft volume of the head, facial features, some lethargy. There are no sharp contrasts, dramatic expression, or tragedy in the picture.

Interestingly, for all the spirituality, the image is characterized by lack of will and passivity.

The work is stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

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